Aims of the Detached Work
To regularly use youth workers to work in pairs on detached duty within the local community.
To be visible within the area to all Young People who are on the streets and common areas and to reduce the use of alcohol and drugs by young people in Hailsham.
To be approachable and show an interest, or concern regarding the activities Young People are involved m
in with a non-threatening manner and build trust between workers and young people.
To inform young people of the laws and penalties involved as a result of their activities without imposing them or being a threat to their social groups.
To offer advice and a supportive role model and to provide leaflets to raise awareness of dangers of drugs and alcohol use.
Objectives - Weekly Detached Work
Project workers out meeting young people, on their own terms, building relationships and trust.
Engaging with young people to organise various activities and outings. Offering alternative experiences to young people.
Conducting surveys and questionnaires to establish what issues are most relevant and to raise awareness.